Dog: 8 Great Reasons Why You Need One In Your Life

by dee

They are a reflection of who you are!

Why do you need a dog in your life? The breed of dog you own reveals a great deal about your personality. A study conducted in England discovered an unmistakable link between people’s personalities and the type of dog they owned. For instance, owners of toy dogs were more intelligent, whereas owners of utility dogs such as Dalmatians and bulldogs were the most conscientious. However, keep in mind that dogs also take on their owners’ personality traits, so if you constantly fly off the handle, your pooch may develop aggressive tendencies.

Due to the fact that they give the best kisses

Cold and moist… However, she is still adorable! Your dog licking your face is an expression of affection and respect, indicating that baby recognizes you as the pack leader.

Puppies also lick to ascertain how you are feeling. Dogs’ noses and mouths contain special receptors that process and interpret the scented molecules found in human sweat. Your dog may be able to tell whether you are happy or stressed by licking your face. And occasionally, a human is simply delicious!

Licking also releases pleasurable endorphins in dogs and frequently provides them with a sense of security and comfort. Your dog can lick your face for no reason other than it feels good (and we enjoy it as well)!

Possessing a dog can increase your attractiveness to potential romantic partners

According to a Dog’s Trust survey, 60 percent of 700 respondents believe that owning a dog makes others more appealing, while 85 percent believe that people are more approachable when accompanied by a dog.

Since they exist to defend their young friends!

Additionally, children will learn a great deal about their furry friends! Taking the time to feed, water, and clean up after a dog can instill a sense of importance and satisfaction in children.

Additionally, dogs educate children about socialization. Dogs, like the rest of us, are social creatures that desire and need love and affection. Children can improve their social skills by learning how to communicate with a dog.

Dogs contribute to the growth of social experiences too! That is why you need a dog

Not only do dogs need human attention and playtime, but they also require time to socialize with other puppies! This allows their humans to socialize while supervising the puppy playdates. Even taking a stroll around the neighborhood will introduce you to various new people and ignite numerous conversations!

Getting a dog increases YOUR awesomeness!

The obligation, patience, selflessness, and loyalty that accompany dog ownership strengthen us and make us better people in general.

Dogs greatly boost the mood!

Spending only 15-30 minutes with your dog will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed, decreasing your stress levels and increasing your happiness. Playing with your dog increases dopamine and serotonin levels in your brain, which are both neurotransmitters associated with relaxation and tranquillity. Therefore, the next time you’re down, find a toy and spend time with your pup! That wagging tail is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Humans who live with dogs heal from illnesses more easily

Dog owners recover from illness at a much faster pace than non-dog owners. Indeed, humans who have pooches are twice as likely to completely recover from heart attacks as those who do not! Therefore, begin cuddling your puppy!


They serve as an important source of companionship and companions. They are comforting to those who want to be able to have someone else in their life who treats them with equal respect. Dogs decrease levels of human loneliness and serve as a vital companions to their owners by giving them a sense of purpose and purpose to their human companions.

They are beneficial to humans in a variety of ways. The two have had a relationship for thousands of years.
Wolves used to follow humans on hunting trips and eat whatever scraps they could find. These wolves eventually evolved into dogs that helped protect hunters and gatherers.

Dogs have worked in a variety of capacities ever since. They work on farms, where they protect the land and round up livestock such as sheep and cows. Dogs keep humans company as well. Simply petting a dog can cause a physical change in the human body.