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8 Ways on How To Easily Break Up With the Person You Love?

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Breaking up with someone you love is painful, but with a good mood and a lot of trust, you’re going to be able to burn the flames out. In the end, you must be able to prioritize your own fitness, happiness, and potential. Even if you do have deep love for him, if the future does not include him, it is time to end things with him.

But how do we make breaking up as easy as possible? I listed some personal guides below:

Making the Best Choice

Ask yourself why you want to break up with him. It’s difficult to end a relationship. It’s much more difficult if you already have feelings for him. However, due to time or distance apart, relationships can stall, grow apart, and become difficult to maintain. It is possible to have both romantic and healthy feelings for the same person, as long as you let those feelings guide you through your next life step. If you’re thinking about ending your relationship, ask yourself a few questions about yourself and your partner.

Ask yourself a few questions

Do you just wish to end your relationship because of current situations, such as a recent dispute or financial difficulties? If it is not because of long-term challenges, what is it because?
If you had the chance to have a second chance with this individual, will you say yes?
Are you really, really in love with him, or are you in love with the image you have of him in your head?
Since you don’t like being in a relationship with him, are you looking for an excuse to end it?

Make a list of reasons why you want to end your relationship.

It would undoubtedly be difficult, but writing down your reasoning will help you persuade yourself that you must complete this task. Don’t think about offending anyone; this paper is for you and just you. Find the following arguments when you consider that you ought to end things:

    • You’ll never be able to give him the love he deserves.
    • You’ve made a mistake and fallen in love with someone else.
    • You can’t even choose who you love, unfortunately. If you have strong feelings for someone else, you must end your relationship with your current partner before moving on.
    • You are dissatisfied. It’s time to move on if the bad moments outnumber the positive and the friendship consumes your thoughts every day.
    • You have no desire to share the remainder of your time with him. This is particularly true if he seems to be planning his life for you but instead of feeling happy you felt suffocated.
    • You might need to relocate for a new career, want to spend more time with your family, or struggle to meet his needs. It’s time to end it if you really love him but know you can’t or don’t want to be there for him.
    • And so much more..

After a week, review your arguments.

Read the excuses you need to break up with him to see if they all feel real. Do you really feel the same way seven days later after making the list on the spur of the moment? If you’re not certain of your decision to end your relationship, you’ve made the right choice.

Remember that you love him to make sure you make the right decision.

This may be one of the hardest things to do, especially if you’ve committed to ending the relationship, but you need to consider the good with the bad. Jot down why you love him, the reasons you’re together, and the good times you’ve had. Remember, you will always have these memories, no matter what happens between you. If you make it through this trip down memory lane, but still know that it would be best to end things, then you’ll know for sure that you’ve made the right decision.

Understand that nothing is ever easy

There is no way to instantly and painlessly split up with another. We’d both want to be able to avoid hurting someone in the process of ending relationships. Regardless about how deteriorated a relationship has been, ending a relationship would bring a great deal of pain for both partners. If you have accepted that you can experience discomfort, you will better anticipate what will follow.

Your wellbeing and happiness must be prioritized

Your concerns about other people are always the last obstacle to a break-up. What are our mates going to think? What are my parents going to think? How are we going to figure out our things? Most notably, how is he going to feel? However, all these concerns are unimportant in relation to your own happiness and mental well-being.

Although this sounds narcissistic, it is ultimately the most thoughtful perspective you can take. If you’re in a relationship that doesn’t work, you’re going to take it out of battles and claims. Friends and relatives may get trapped in, and the fears may turn into possessiveness and secrecy. When you’re about to put an end to it, all that matters is your decision to break up. The rest of the specifics are going to work out themselves

When you’ve made your decision, put an end to it easily.

The problem will only get worse if you postpone breaking up with your partner now. Don’t keep giving up while you’re ahead. Do what you can while you have the opportunity. Otherwise, you’ll regret both your own loss of time and his if you do not. It might cause you pain right now, at this moment, but in the long run, you’ll appreciate what you’re getting. And once you finish going through it, neither of you can proceed until you’ve recovered.

Regardless of how well you feel for yourself, it is easier to be single than to be unhappy in a relationship.

Breaking up because of relationships is acceptable based on an instinctive intuition such as “This doesn’t feel right” is very often. Do not forget that this is for your sake, not for anyone else

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