Crazy Times

by dee

Crazy, isn’t it?! It’s been 6 months, which I feel ages ago, since all this chaos started.

I miss the days when I could freely go to restaurants for succulent buffets, go to the mall and have a great time just walking around, checking what’s trending in my favorite boutiques and end up emptying my pockets only to realize I don’t really need those things.. checking the night gigs schedule of my favorite restaurant-bar for fun-chilling Fridays..

I can vividly remember my first reaction when I saw that circulating clips of whats going on in China.. The first time i learned about the “virus” and I told myself “What an Exaggeration?!” Of course, I dont really believe everything I see in social media.. I was thinking “oh! these people have the luxury of time to fabricate stories and just scare the hell people out! How creative?! 

And now… here we are, in these so-called “exaggerated stories,” still dealing with an exaggerated virus that is clinging to us and has no intention of leaving anytime soon.

What a nightmare!

Oh! Now I’m hearing this christmas songs while writing this letter which by the way I’m not really sure why I’m doing, maybe I’m just too occupied of the changes going on.. hoping everything will go back to normal and this was all just a bad dream.


So after all this chaos, I realized that life is “Literally” short.

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