Facing My 5 Fears Today

by dee

I’m Fine

Wrinkled skin, gray hair, forgetfulness, hazy vision, dry skin… These are just some of the things that used to give me nightmares and fears when I was a kid.

I used to think that old people were weak and defenseless because of their age. How were they able to make it through life in such a wealthy world? Why are some old people prosperous while others their age are not? When they were younger, what did they enjoy doing in their spare time?

I vowed to my younger self that the only thing I desired was to see the age of 45 come and pass. I think it has already been long enough for me to have had all of the experiences that I want to have had by this point.

That was not true. 

You are Lovely:

Your worth cannot be determined by how you present yourself to the world. It is not necessary for elderly individuals to appear their age. Maintain your health, treat your body with the utmost respect, and you’ll be able to age gracefully. Buy that beautiful dressing you’ve been eyeing for the longest time now. No matter what the trend is, no matter what other people say just keep ignoring. This your life and your own journey.

The happiness of soul is more important than what others will think about you, as long as you know you feel comfortable with that dress then it doesn’t matter.

Proven through the passage of time:

Contrary to popular belief, elderly people are not frail or helpless. They have encountered every difficulty that life has to offer and have acquired the skills necessary to overcome them. They are able to better withstand the passage of time. There are many variables that contribute to them being older and wiser over time.

 Not enough:

I have not exerted sufficient effort. There is such a vast array of activities and destinations that I have on my bucket list. I hope to extend my life for as long as it’s possible. I haven’t given up on the idea of seeing my daughter become an adult and start a family of her own. There simply is not enough time in the world to accomplish everything that has to be done.

Success is not defined by how much money you have, but rather by how much wisdom you’ve gained as you become older. If you want to be successful as you get older, focus on wisdom rather than money.

Cheers to 40 years of my life! and counting.. Souls that are so content with who they are that they emanate nothing but positive energy are said to be “at peace.” Those individuals who are internally at ease with less fears with who they are as a result of their strong connection to themselves Those individuals who exude love, pleasure, and tranquility to others.

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